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The listings on this page have been generated from a search using a Meta Search Engine. They are sorted by the search engine and are presented in the search engine order after editing to remove most of the superfluous information. Headings are those of the search engine not the webmaster. Please report Broken links here. October 2001All links checked 1st May 2001. Some mods 28th Oct more to come soon!
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This has NOT worked!!

So, I have actively removed ALL affiliate advertising from the site except the AussiePhones link. I have considered making the site a subscription only site but I believe that the information and resources of the site are valuable to all sorts of visitors and I want that to be freely accessible.

As the sole person responsible for creating, building and maintaining the site I incur some considerable costs in terms of time and my personal resources.
As a result I have introduced the Site Support Subscription using PayPal as a means of accepting donations to support the continuing work and presence of Hoslink.
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Free Animated Gif's

Free button

  • Artist For Hire - free wallpaper, free buttons, free clipart, free ani...    
    New Free Wallpaper. Valentine's Day. Check The What's New Page New Free Wallpaper. Bikini Beach Babe Check The What's New Page New Free Screensaver. Metallica Check the What's New Page Site Of The Moment 12Freebie.com Over 40 categories of Free stuff
  • Free Buttons, Backgrounds, Animations ... GIFS .cc    
    HOME MENU SETS Home-static Home-animated Links-static Links-animated Enter-static Enter-animated Arrows-static Arrows-animated Lines-static Lines-animated Bullets-static Bullets-animated Welcome-static Welcome-animated Backgrounds webmaster@ gifs .cc
    Approved site
  • Graphics 4 Free    
    - free buttons, backgrounds, dividers, bullets, and other graphics to use on business and personal pages.
  • Four Bees    
    - lots of free buttons, bars, backgrounds, and bullets.


Cool music

Free stuff

Free graphic

Free Gif Sites

  • Free animations @ Best Animations    
    ... Best Animations is a collection of free animated gifs found on the web. Except where indicated with an asterisk all animated gifs are believed to be free to use ...
  • Dream Artists**The Original Collection of Animations!    
           Welcome to Dream Artists. It appears your browser doesn't support FRAMES ... Description: Free gif animations and a valuable resource for creating animation for the web.


Animated button

  • Free Gifs And Animations    
    Home Animated Bullets Animated Email Animated Lines Animated Animals Animated Flowers Animated Buttons Animated Aliens Misc. Animations Backgrounds Misc. Lines Misc. Bullets Misc. Buttons Misc. Gifs Misc. Arrows FG&A Buttons Free Counters Free Homepages
  • Free Gifs & Animations    
    Buttons, bullets, gifs, animations, horizontal lines and more are free for the taking at our site. Whether your pages are personal or business, you are welcome to use our gifs to enhance your site.
  • Free Gifs - Animations - Clipart    
    Home Animated Bullets Animated Email Animated Lines Animated Animals Animated Flowers Animated Buttons Animated Aliens Misc. Animations Backgrounds Misc. Lines Misc. Bullets Misc. Buttons Misc. Gifs Misc. Arrows FG&A Buttons Free Counters Free Homepages
  • 100's of Free Animated Gifs    
    - Download 100's of animated gifs , like animated dividers, animated flags, animated buttons and more for free .


Free clipart

  • Free Clipart - Animation Factory    
    14, 000 original free 3D animated gifs, clipart and graphics. Web design, buttons, icons, characters, creatures, and fun animations. http://www.eclipsedigital.com/
  • Free Clipart - Animation Factory    
    14, 000 original free 3D animated gifs, clipart and graphics. Web design, buttons, icons, characters, creatures, and fun animations. http://www.eclipsed.com/
  • netCREATORS Icon Page    
    Animated GIFs, and other images. http://animatedgifs.simplenet.com/ 13. Free high quality clipart for use in web page building. Alltogether 870+ free images. Visit and bookmark now! Free clipart, gifs , animations and more for use in webpage building. Visit and bookmark now!
  • www.a1clipart.com , Animated Gifs, Clipart, Fonts, Bacgrounds, Texture...    
    A1clipart is your one stop source for free high quality web graphics. Over 3,500 free web images: Animated Gifs, Backgrounds, Clipart and even Fonts.
  • GifsNow.com - free clipart, animated gifs, gif animations, backgrounds...    
    Free high quality clipart for use in web page building. Alltogether 1200 free images. Visit and bookmark now!
  • Cameo's Hut free web ready clipart, gifs, animations, screensavers, we...    
    Last Updated 12/4/00 NEW AND NOTABLE! Free Clipart:5000 Images- Great clipart and links! BestOfWebmasters.com - HTML, graphics, affiliate programs, site promotion, databases, CGI scripting, free BestOfWebmasters.com email. An affiliate of the http://www.cameohut.com/
  • A11 Free ClipArt    
    Gallery of free clip-art offers bullets, buttons, backgrounds, icons, letters and animated .gifs. Find links to other clip-art directories.


Clip art

  • Animation Factory - Free animated gifs, clip art, and graphics O:\temp...    
    Thousands of free 3D animated gifs, clipart and graphics. Flags, buttons, dividers, icons, bullets, animals, people and more.
  • A-1 All Free Clipart / 20,000 Free Clipart & Graphics    
    Over 20,000 free clipart images. 3D Animations, icons, balls, backgrounds, bars, graphics, animated gifs , clip art, and more! This site is constantly updated, bookmark us now!
  • Free GIF Links at GIFs fo the Round Table    
    A free GIFs website alliance and links. Links to web pages containing free 3D animated graphics, clip art, and more! 5/25/2000 http://moregifs.freeservers.com/
  • Barry's Clip Art Server    
    Barry's Clip Art Server is an Award Winning, FREE resource for all types of clip art. New images added daily. Your one and only One Stop Shop for FREE Clipart.
  • Over the Rainbow
    - thousands of beautiful free web graphics -- original clip art, icons, backgrounds, animations, transparent GIFs and more. Plus tons of links to the best graphics sites.
  • Caboodles of ClipArt    
    Public Domain Clip Art and Images in various formats for the PC and the Mac. Home of the Caboodles Clip Art forum as well as Caboodles Free Personalized Animated E-MailBoxes. http://www.caboodles.com/
  • Free Christmas Materials    
    - clip art and GIF animation.


Draac's Free Gifs

  • Draac`s Free Gifs 1 2 3
    WebTV HTML help, 1000`s of GIFs to choose from, backgrounds and more.
  • Draac's Free Gifs 123- Main Page 1
    FREE Animated Gifs, Backgrounds & Sounds. HTML Lessons, ALL FREE ALL THE TIME !
  • Draac's Free Gifs 123    
    Index Html Tables Frames FAQ Javascript Newsgroup Draac's Pick This Week The Buttons Above Are To Some Cool Tools Around Lycos Sunny 76 Click Here To Enter Draac's Pick Of Week 5/16/99
  • Draac's Free Gifs 123    
    FREE Animated Gifs, Backgrounds And Sounds. HTML Lessons, ALL FREE ALL THE TIME 1/25/2001 http://members.tripod.com/gifs123
  • Draac's Free Gifs 123- Main Page 1    
    URL: http://members.tripod.com/~gifs123/index1.html FREE Animated Gifs, Backgrounds & Sounds. HTML Lessons, ALL FREE ALL THE TIME


Commercial Sites

  • Free Java Javascript Animated Gifs HTML CGI - Adeveloper.com    
    This banner was supplied by SAFE AuditAdeveloper Active Server - Add URL - Add Your Site - Adeveloper - Advertising - Animated Gifs - Apple MAC - Backgrounds - Banners - Books - Bottom - Browsers - CGI - Chat - Connected - Counters - Domain - Drivers
  • the Wonderful world of Gratis FREE html Editor, Free gifs, free wysiw...    
    Interactive Animation the Wonderful world of Gratis FREE html Editor, Free gifs, free wysiwyg, free software and links to the best freebies on the net
  • Free Gifs & Animations    
    Comprehensive resource of flags, animated gifs, java scripts, backgrounds, borders, bullets, buttons, links and more.
  • free - gifs .com - Animations - Starwars    
    Quick Jump Featured Animations Haloween Collection ... FAQ. Feedback. Cool Sites. Click Here! free - gifs .com / Animations / Starwars. ...
  • FREE Web Graphics - Buttons Bars Navigation GIFs    
    FREE Web Graphics - Buttons Bars Navigation GIFs. Images you can use on your web site for free to aid in navigation of your web pages.
  • Animated Gifs - Free gifs for everyone - Gifs de graça pra todo mundo    
    Lots of animated gifs for FREE. Animals, flags, dividers, balls, e-mail icons, welcome signs and cool stuff. Versão Português também ..
  • Creative Design - Animated Gif Gallery Entrance ...free, animated gifs...    
    applets, icons, fonts, graphics, html tutorial Welcome Site Overview Message Board Advertise Creative Design Animated Gif Entrance Resources QuickLink SiteSearch . Newsbriefs . Frontpage 2000 Featured . PaintShop Pro 7.0 . Icom Web Hosting . TopHosts
  • Free GIFS 4 Everyone    
    Free GIFS for Webpages HOME We have thousands of free gifs for you to choose from. More animated gifs than you can imagine. These gifs are free for personal pages. There are animals, arrows, lines and dividers, characters, scary, buttons, symbols, space http://gottcha2.tripod.com/gifs/
  • The ImageStor Free Gifs and Backgrounds    
    Free web page graphics, and backgrounds.
  • Draac.Com - Building A Better Internet    
    Visit this site for the best FREE html, table & frames courses on the internet! Get a FREE DraacMail Account to email your friends from anywhere in the world !
    FREE WEB SOURCES AND SPONSORS online service for developers. It includes a directory for Java, as well as news, information, tutorials, and directories for other Internet technologies including one hundred free reports, JavaScript, perl, VRML,
  • Creative Design - Free Web Resources ...free, animated gifs, clipart, ...    
    icons, fonts, graphics tutorial Welcome Site Overview Message Board Advertise Creative Design Web Resources Resources QuickLink SiteSearch . Newsbriefs . Frontpage 2000 Featured . PaintShop Pro 7.0 . Icom Web Hosting . TopHosts .
  • GIFS,Animation Images,Banners and Bumper Stickers all free to Enhance ...    
    Animation, Images, Banners .all free resources..Build Your First or Enhance your existing Web Site..for Free.. In addition Save your Business Money with phone services,calling cards also learn how to earn income via the Internet.. 1/27/2001 http://www.aditudes.com/gif.htm
  • ARG! Dancing Cartoon Alphabet - Free GIFs    
    ... ARG! Cartoon Animation created these DANCING CARTOON LETTERS for free use on non-commercial Web pages with a ... NEW GIFs | WEB BUTTONS ARG! KARTOON KLIPS CD ROM. ...
  • Fairy Suryana's High Quality GIF89a Animations. No Ugly Animated GIFs....    
  • Websitings Leading Edge Free Classifieds Banner Program, free ...    
    Free www.websitings.com/classads/sites/ClasMan6.htm
  • Free Gifs and Animations by Wilson    
    - Original buttons, bullets, gifs , animations, horizontal rules and more are free for the taking. Whether your pages are personal or business, you are welcome to use our gifs to enhance your site
  • Graphics for your page - including free gifs and jpeg files    
    This page lists differnet sites that offer online graphics. Including free gifs, jpegs, and more.
  • Scary Stuff! Download bloody animated gifs, spooky midi music, scary s...    
    images, vampire pictures, Halloween clipart animated gif, blood Click here for lots of twisted stuff! Brought to you by: Caverns Of Blood Animated Gifs | Images | Sounds | Midi's | Creepy Fonts | Caverns Main Page
  • RICKs Free Gifs Links
    The LINKs below contain (plenty) of FRE E Stuff and FREE GIF IMAGES....{and some other thi ngs to help you with your Web Page!} Check out the Web Diner! Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign! The 1st Internet Gallery of GIF Animation Iconcity Main
  • Free GIFs    
    Free GIFS . Ball1 Ball2 Ball3 3D Globe1 3D Globe2 3D Globe3 3D Animals1 3D Animals2 3D Animals3 3D Animals4 3D Animals5 3D Arrows 3D People1 Woman1 Woman2 3D
  • Wilson's Free Gifs and Animations    
    Gifs, animations, horizontal lines, buttons, bullets, and more are free for the taking at our site. Whether your pages are personal or business, you are welcome to use our gifs to enhance your site. 9/8/2000 http://animations.fg-a.com/
  • 100% Free . Gifs !    
    Best .gif optimizer around ! Get Paid! TeeHee! Get what you want at Shop Now Welcome To 100% Free gifs !!!! * ENTER HERE * Description: Gif animations, backgrounds, bars, bullets, graphics, downloadable mp3 music, and hot links for your...
  • Bull's Backgrounds, Bars & Buttons    
    - free web graphics for your personal website. Entertainment > Comics and Animation > Animation > Computer Animation >">
  • 100% Free . Gifs    
    - Gif animations, backgrounds, bars, bullets, graphics, downloadable mp3 music, hot links and more for your website, desktop and personel use. Computers > Graphics > Web Graphics > ] [ 191,470">
  • Free Pictures + Backgrounds + Animated Gifs    
    - Huge data base of picture images, wallpapers, photos, icons, sounds, and entertainment.
    FREE GIFS FOR WEBTV. Globe Kitty. Cheetah. Home. E-mail. Tweety. Raisin. Computer. Monster mail box. Glitter. Smiling. ..
  • Free gifs - animated GIFs , neon signs    
    The light of Neon. ... www.candor.com/grabagif/images/move/move03.htm -
  • Webular Wasteland    
    - free web graphics including backgrounds, bullets, icons, bars, animated gifs ,
  • Free gifs - lines, comprehensive colour, various widths    
    Comprehensive graphic lines. ..
  • Animation Library    
    - free articles, reviews, tutorials, and everything else related to animated graphics.
  • Totally 209.com........Cool Sci-Fi, Stuff,tons of Free gifs,Sci-fi Cha...    
    Tons of free gifs and info on SCI-FI, Chat Irc's for WebTv, you wont find anywhere like this, absolut cool stuff
  • index    
    This web site was created for FREE at www.homestead.com. Visit www.homestead.com to get your free web site - no programming required.
  • Celine's Original . GIFs    
    - unique web graphics, free for the downloading. Also includes HTML/Graphics tips and tricks. URL: http://www.specialweb.com/original/
  • Katra Free Gifs-Sea-pg1    
    Celtic Katra's Cool Free Gifs 2/2/2001 http://bally.fortunecity.com/kilkenny/124/art/gifs/sea/1gif.html
  • Malathar's Animated gifs.    
    URL: http://www.camalott.com/~malathar/animgifs.html These animated gifs are copyright Kevin Palivec
  • GIFs of the Round Table: Site Submission to Webring    
    HOME SUBMIT URL QUICK SELECT JOIN THE FREE GIFs WEB RING Joining the GIFs of the Round Table Web Ring is free. Each member of the ring must have a GIFs of the Round ... http://moregifs.freeservers.com/freegifs.html
  • Over The Edge Animation    
    - collection of gif animations free for downloading.
  • Jelane's Free Web Graphics    
    - coordinated sets of graphics for Web pages.
  • GINGER'S Free Gifs    
    If you prefer frames, click here. Visit my online STORES! The easy way to do your Christmas shopping! ... members.tripod.com/~queenbeanie/GIFS.html
  • Laurie's Free Web Graphics    
    - offers home page theme sets and backgrounds.
  • Shawn's Clipart and Webateria    
    - fun, unique and free web art for personal and non-profit sites. Web images are transparent gifs . Eps clipart also available.
  • artziggy.com    
    Download free 3D .gifs and animations or purchase a membership that includes access to hundreds of graphics. Sign up for the mailing list.
  • Free Hawaiian Images    
    - graphics and images with a Hawaiian theme.
  • GINGER'S Free Gifs    
    E-mail this page to a friend Tell me when this page is updated If you prefer frames, click here. SHOP 'till you drop at one of my online stores! WebTV SCANNING SERVICE: Click *HERE* for info. WEB DESIGN SERVICE: Click *HERE* for info. ANIMALS cute p 1/28/2001 http://queenbeanie.tripod.com/GIFS.html
  • Free -Backgrounds.com    
    - offering background images suitable for web sites or computer desktop wallpaper.
  • Free -Art - 3D Icons    
  • Andrea's Free Gifs by Me - Main Page    
    *** PLEASE READ TH IS FIRST *** I have to ask you to: copy the images you would like to use ! Please do not link to them in my directory at ... http://members.xoom.com/Andreaa/index.html
  • Free Web Graphics by Lauren    
  • Click Here!

  • Free Wallpaper    
  • MediaBuilder GifOptimizer    
    GifOptimizer is a FREE, online tool that reduces the file size of GIF images up to 75%, allowing web pages to load faster. Optimization is achieved in four simple steps:
  • News : GIFs of the Round Table    
    Free GIFs new at GIFs of the Round Table http://www.moregifs.freeservers.com/news.html
  • Simple GIFs    
    URL: http://www.cruzio.com/~djj/calvary/sg.html Simple GIFs .. 'Tis a GIF that is simple, 'Tis a GIF that is free... These images are small GIF files that you may copy for use in your web pages and publications.


Graphic free graphic

Free Background

Greeting card

  • UselessGraphics,Free Animated Graphics,e-greeting cards,animated gifs    
    Free animated graphics,animated gifs,animated greeting cards,cartoon graphics, cars, people graphics, celebrities,horses,Snoopy, celebrities,sharks, NFL,soccer, lines,bars,baseball ,golf ,birds,flowers , NASCAR,text,dinosaurs.
  • ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio - 2500 Animated GIFs    
    ... the Web's #1 cartoon FREE Clip Art studio, with over 2,500 FREE animated GIFs , all original, including a dancing cartoon alphabet, online greeting cards, and ...
  • Funky Guys    
    - humorous cartoons, inspired on primitive art and computers. Site includes illustrations and free graphics such as cliparts, comics, animated gifs , greeting cards, and more.
  • Dancing Baby Adventures: free multimedia videos, greeting cards animat...    
    Welcome! This website has unique, original, animated cards and interactive files, all with music or sounds or both! On this page you'll find the funny 3-D Dancing Baby. The baby dances here, but also gets to have other adventures!


Free original

Clipart icon

large archive

  • Free Gifs    
    A large graphic resource, large archive of Animated GIFs for Web sites to use. Last reviewed by: evandrive http://www.free-gifs.com/ Quick Jump Featured Animations Halloween Collection Animations Christmas Collection Independance Day Collection Starwars FAQ Feedback Cool Sites Please note that we are currently undergoing major restructuring of the site.
  • 2Cool Animations - Over 20,000 Free Animations, Clipart Images, Wallpa...    
    A large graphic resource, 2Cool Animation's archive provides a large archive of Animated Gifs for websites to use! 1/31/2001 http://www.gifanimations.com/
  • Animated GIFs for Free Download / WebDeveloper.com ®    
    A large graphic resource, WebDeveloper.com's Animation Archive provides a large archive of Animated GIFs for websites to use! http://animations.webpedia.com/


meta tag

  • Animations at GoodiesforU - Free animated gifs ( animation )for your w...    
    Animated Gifs Javascript Free Meta Tags 216 Color Table Online Games Free net sites Search Engines Chat Rooms Create a card Beginner's Guide to Making Money Online Make Cash Surfing Make Cash Reading Email Make Cash Taking Surveys Affiliate Programs Links http://goodiesforu.net/animation/ 47">
  • Flag Animations    
    URL: http://www.fg-a.com/flags.htm Free gifs, animations, email, guestbooks, homepages, Meta Tags, link exchange
  • F.G.& A. Buttons    
    Free gifs, animations, email, guestbooks, homepages, Meta Tags, link exchange



  • Free GIFs -- Architectural Ornamentation From Around the World    
    Free GIFs, authentic cultural ornamentation suitable for backgrounds, mostly original colors and forms 4/14/2000 http://www.clubs.psu.edu/aegsa/freegifs.html
  • Humble Bee, The    
    - backgrounds, changing buttons with matching borders and more - free .
  • Why no GIFs - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)    
    Why there are no GIF files on GNU web pages [ English | French | Japanese | Korean | Russian ] There are no GIFs on the GNU web site because of the patents (Unisys and IBM) covering the LZW compression algorithm which is used in making GIF files. These http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/gif.html
  • Free Gifs    
    Den här sidan är utformad för web-läsare som hanterar ramar. Denna text visas i läsare som inte har stöd för detta.


Graphic design

Offer free

  • Little Dark Room    
    - offers free Mac icons and desktop pictures.
  • Paradox Graphics 2    
    - offers free graphics, animations, and transparent gifs to people with a non-profit web page.
  • www.gifmix.com    
    - offers free animated gifs , backgrounds, bars, and icons.
  • Designs by Mark    
    - site offers free graphics and web design tips for users of Photoshop, Shockwave, Flash, Illustrator and more.
  • Designed to a T    
    - offers free backgrounds, bullets, and clipart.
  • A. J.'s Ferret Animated Gifs Page    
    Offers free ferret images for personal use and web publication.


Free download

www.geocities.com site

Free Icons

  • A-1 Icon Archive    
    - free icons, backgrounds, buttons, animated gifs , and links.
  • Iconz's    
    - hundreds of free icons, bullets, buttons, backgrounds, images, pictures, etc for your Web Site creation.
  • Pixel Warehouse    
    - free icons, graphics, and images for building your web page.
  • Free Icons    
    - archive of gif icons.
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