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Why Subscribe?

I have introduced a voluntary subscription to try and defray the costs of maintaining the site which are considerable. There are approximately 1000 pages on Hoslink including the "ABC of Safe practices" which I host for free as a service to the Laboratory Community at large.

I retired on the 1st November 2002 (getting old!)so I will not have the income to support the site that I once had. A ten dollar subscription is not a lot of money and it will help to maintain this valuable resource. Note: It is 10 years since I wrote this - (NOVEMBER 2012) I am now 70. A recent stroke is a warning that I can't last forever so I am doing a major update now. The revised web site needs much more link checking which I am just starting on. Anyone wanting to volunteer to assist with this monumental task will be more than welcome!

Hoslink is currently getting about 35,000 hits a month and this is growing all the time. This is great for a non-commercial site. All in all there must be 40-50 thousand links so maintenance is very time consuming.

If you are a commercial site and would like to subscribe we will provide a link such as is found on the IT pages (example).

What does a Hoslink Subscription give you?

If you are a Health Worker:-

You will have free access to all Hoslink pages now and in the future.
The opportunity to gain useful information and links to other related sites to further your knowledge
You may copy any material on the site or request that it be sent to you for educational purposes
If you are a Linked Site:-

Well for starters you can request a graphic and several lines of your own material (see the IT-Companies Pharmacy Page)
All you need to do is provide the information and the image or its source address. You are then entitled to request updates when you need them.

If you want more educational material freely available:-

Taking out a subscription makes it possible to create more pages You are able to make suggestions about site content that would be useful
You are able to contribute material and have the contribution acknowleged

If you are a computer addict or you are interested in programming or even just like to collect useful graphics:-

There are thousands of "freestuff" links in the Freestuff pages and hundreds of downloadable images.
A CD is available with a collection Royalty Free images - Images page The images will be available on CD shortly for a small shipping fee.

So what does a Subscription cost?

Just $15.00 US or the equivalent in any currency. Use the easy PayPal option or send a donation in Australian dollars to:
WBE & Ozequip,
PO Box 42345,
Casuarina NT 0811
Donation $15.00 US
Donation Pounds ₤10.00
Donation Euros €10.00