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General Sites

Standards Australia online
The site provides regularly updated listings and summaries of the many Australian standards and draft standards issued by this organisation.

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ACCI is Australia's peak council of industry bodies and it provides a large website which includes a significant OHS section.

Department of Safety Science UNSW
Includes information about chemical safety and toxicology (CSAT), courses in safety science at UNSW and links to many interesting and unusual safety-related sites.

University of Queensland OH&S Unit
As you might expect, this site provides information on courses and OH&S training offered by the unit.

The Victorian Institute of OH&S is affiliated with the school of engineering within the University of Ballarat and its website incorporates information provided by the Asia-Pacific Centre for Teaching and Research in OH&S. 

Edith Cowan University Occupational Safety & Health
An Australian educational institution pointing the way for other organisations and companies.

CCH Australia

  • Solutions to common OHS questions
  • Links to HOT OHS topics
  • News and Current Articles
  • Access to subscription online
South Australian Workcover Corporation


KAB Performance Seating
Advanced Performance Seating.

National Safety Council of Australia

The Northern Territory Work Health Authority


The University of Newcastle
Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master of Occ Health and Safety

Occ Health and Safety Education/ University of Adelaide
(email link for application forms etc.)

University of Western Sydney
email link for course information and application forms

Australian Government Authorities

Comcare Australia
With divisions on rehabilitation, legislation, prevention and OHS itself, Comcare's website has something of interest even if you are not responsible for Commonwealth Government employees. The publications section provides the full text of a number of booklets on a range of topics including managing occupational stress.

National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC)
Worksafe Australia's splendid website is a model of clarity and comprehensiveness. Although there are 50,000 pages (no less!) of info up there in National Commission cyber territory, it's easy to see what's there and to get to it.

NSW WorkCover Authority
Includes a history of the authority, a directory of its services and publications, full contact information, media releases and links to relevant government departments.

Queensland Division of Workplace Health and Safety
Provides an excellent information index on a wide variety of OHS subjects, together with OHS news.

Tasmanian Workplace Standards Authority
Includes information concerning health and safety, wages and conditions, rehabilitation and compensation, legislation and access to the Authority's publications.

Victorian WorkCover Authority
An OHS information resource equal to that of the other statutory authorities.

WorkSafe Western Australia - SafetyLine
Perhaps the most sophisticated and comprehensive of Australia's safety sites, SafetyLine is perhaps most notable for its online interactive educational resources via the SafetyLine institute.

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International OHS

Internet Safety Resource
Tired of trying to track down safety sites? Here's a site dedicated to safety links - 2,760 websites are listed alphabetically at last count. The site also lists email addresses, chat sites, telnet addresses, newsgroups, mailing lists and gopher sites. A very convenient place to start surfing.

United States:

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
An extensive site including state-by-state OHS profiles of all 50 US states

The National Safety Council of America's home page
This detailed site, published by the NSCA's American sibling, features a plethora of OH&S research and statistics as well as a news section which is regularly updated.

The US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration's website. A detailed site containing everything you always wanted to know about OSHA.

American site SafetyOnline provides a hub from which to explore the safety net with links to the leading providers of safety products, training and consultation and numerous other sources of OHS information.

Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
As well as useful information on conferences and links to other related sites, the centre's website provides practical advice on ergonomics and occupational health nursing.

American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
A solid occupational health site, this features news releases, conference information and access to relevant journals. It also contains a number of guideline statements on topics such as drugs screening in the workplace and reproductive and developmental health management.

National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine and National Research Council.
Much of interest to OHS professionals can be found at this site, which combines the resources of these American organisations. Focus areas include environment and earth science and medicine and health.


European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
This site is the alpha and omega of European OH&S. It includes information on standards and legislation, research, news and events, OH&S statistics and practice throughout the EU.

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
Another valuable European OHS resource bursting with information including upcoming OHS conferences.

Health and Safety Executive (UK)
This site presented by the UK Government OH&S organisation includes general information about workplace safety as well as current press releases, publications and videos.

UK Government Information Service
The UK government's information service site is a first-class jumping off point for connecting to the websites/email addresses and for finding summary information about hundreds of international organisations with a safety focus. A real discovery if you want to acquire a global perspective on safety.

Baltic Sea network on OHS
The Baltic Sea network on OHS was conceived to increase the exchange of information and also avoid duplicate work, thus ensuring economic cost-effectiveness among relevant countries from Poland to Finland. The summary reports from network meetings are a good way to track OHS developments in Europe.

Tampere University of Technology Institute of Occupational Safety Engineering
This site provides access to computerised OHS information systems developed at the Tampere OSE Institute in Finland, together with news, research and a number of publications and links.


Asian-Pacific Regional Network on OHS
This site provides information that can be accessed country by country and includes an OHS newsletter and the latest thinking on various technical subjects.

New Zealand's Health and Safety Net
This site provides the opportunity to get in touch with how our nearest neighbours tackle OHS. The home page of the Occupational Safety and Health Service of NZ's Department of Labour provides access to training and educational resources and links to a wide range of recent publications and press releases dealing with the big issues in OHS.

Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA)
This Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Association site offers a valuable gateway to information about OHS in Japan. It includes a section on workplace incident statistics and provides access to the organisation's quarterly newsletter, available in English and Japanese.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)
Canadian safety products, news releases, publications, education and training and answers to common OHS questions.

The Canadian Care Institute
This site, set up by the Care Institute of Safety and Health, provides information on First Aid, emergency rescue and general OH&S. Also features a product list and useful links to other Canadian OH&S sites.

Standards Information Service of Canada
Interested in checking the requirements of standards around the world? This site is for you. Issued by the Standards Council of Canada it contains the full text of 5,000 Canadian National Standards and many foreign standards. It also provides the international standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). Beyond this, it gives questions and answer material plus information on new standards and relevant publications.

Major Industrial Accidents Council of Canada
Details recent major industrial incidents and the latest thinking around prevention, preparedness and response.

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Hearing Protection

Better Hearing Institute
The mission of Washington's Better Hearing Institute is to "inspire the public and physicians to take action about hearing loss". In attempting to achieve such a goal their site offers comprehensive information on hearing loss, tinnitus and hearing aids, both for health professionals and the hearing impaired, together with statistics and access to the institute's array of publications.

Occupational Hearing Conservation Home Page
Developed for use by university students of Occupational Hearing Conservation, this site provides information and resources useful to a much wider array of people interested in the subject. Academic papers sit alongside general information, together with links to other job-specific sites on the web.

If you don't find what you need at the four sites above, then look no further than Searchwave, a search engine designed specifically for the topics of audiology, hearing loss, hearing aids, and the ear. Compiling an exhaustive range of links covering all imaginable topics from the anatomy and physiology of hearing loss to rehabilitation, training and publishers of hearing protection journals and software, this site is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in hearing protection.

Fire Safety

This international fire information network is a must-see for anyone involved in fire protection and emergency rescue. It provides relevant written information, data on training and links to associated sites across the world.

Fire - EMS Information Network
Provides many links to US fire department and other providers of emergency rescue.

This detailed site is run by the ACT Bushfire Brigades' Association. Among other things, it provides news about the latest bushfire season in the ACT, including key incidents, as well as advice on prevention and what to do in case of fire.

Emergency and First Aid

When prevention fails, emergency may follow and it's always good to be prepared. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's Emergency Site provides the latest news and emergency documents together with a discussion room and a training room to test your knowledge. Have a look at 'virtual emergency', which allows you to see inside a fire truck, ambulance or rescue vehicle - something you hopefully won't experience in reality.

St John Ambulance Australia
First aid news and information aplenty can be located at this St John home page. It includes a glossary of first aid terms and details of upcoming courses.

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Manual Handling

Manual Handling Centre Inc
This site has been set up by the WA Manual Handling Centre Inc, an independent service aimed at contributing to the reduction of manual handling injuries in that State. It produces the text of the WA regulations (from the OH&S Act) and code of practice on manual handling, and also answers frequently-asked questions on the subject. Information about training courses offered by the centre - covering ergonomics and other topics around manual handling - is also provided.


Internet Resources for Ergonomics
Net surfers with an interest in ergonomics will find themselves frequently returning to this excellent site set up by the University of South Australia. It is designed to allow users to easily access electronic resources available about ergonomics.

Ergonomics Society of Australia
The Ergonomics Society's homepage provides facts about the organisation, as well as news in the field via its journal. Ergonomics courses to be held in the near future are also outlined at this site.

RSI Page
Collated by an RSI sufferer with the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, this page gives an introduction to computer-related RSI including symptoms and resources.

OSHA Ergonomics Page
Find out about developments in US research into ergonomics at this site established by OSHA. It features a section on international ergonomic standards.

Workpace RSI and OOS Page
An ergonomics page including an enormous amount of free resources and information.

Computers and Ergonomics
These pages, supplied by the University of Newcastle, provide detailed practical information on how to avoid injuries (including OOS and eye fatigue) while using computers.

Ergonomics at Work
This site, on the history of ergonomics, posture and vision, offers a good introduction to the field. It has been set up by Allscan Distributors Inc.

Ergonomics Task Force
Another thorough site, this time from the University of Texas, that provides Internet resources on ergonomics from around the world. Included are ergonomics programs from other universities, tips on workplace set-up, posture, prevention and exercise, as well as relevant articles and newsletters.

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Workplace Discrimination

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC)
There is no more comprehensive resource on the web than this site which offers information specific to the rights of those suffering discrimination on the grounds of sex, disability and race, together with guidance for employers with regard to their responsibilities. The site also provides links to all Australian State and Territory anti-discrimination boards and equal opportunity commissions.

Commission for Racial Equality
The site of the UK Commission for Racial Equality provides information concerning the types of racism encountered in society, its incidence and the legal implications of discrimination.

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
"The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect." So says Tim Berners-Lee, the director of W3C whose Web Accessibility Initiative is committed to improving access to the web for the disabled. The site provides valuable information on technology development and resources available on the web to improve accessibility for all and help make cyberspace, at least, discrimination free.

Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances

Global Information Network on Chemicals (GINC)
The network conducts meetings, seminars and projects on the safe use of chemicals which are all outlined here. Also provides useful links to other relevant sites.

The American Chemical Society
This American Chemical Society site offers updated material on the organisation's programs including profession training, upcoming meetings and student information.

WorkSafe WA Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
This site established by WorkSafe WA contains links to sites that provide all you need to know about MSDSs, from an Australian perspective.

Iowa State University Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Provided as "a public service to the world community" this Iowa State University site allows access to selected MSD sheets. Simply type in key words and the site offers the relevant MSDs instantly.

NOHSC Chemicals Databases
The National Occupational Health and Safety Commission's chemicals databases search page is a must-visit site for anyone interested in hazardous substances in the Australian context. Enter a chemical name here to see if it has an Australian exposure standard or has been listed as an Australian designated hazardous substance.

Cambridge University Chemical Laboratory
A good starting point for finding out about chemical-related safety issues.

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Safety Products

Australian OHS File

Site with many OHS links Worldwide

Directory of OH&S products
Finally, a comprehensive site providing information on Australian OH&S products and services. Set up by safety consultant, Alan Iwanaw, this site is a directory of providers of safety equipment and also lists other relevant sites.

MSA Safety Products
Continuously updated information on MSA products grouped into a number of categories is offered here for quick reference. The site also adopts an interactive approach with visitors being able to lodge their address to receive regular product and catalogue updates or specialist safety publications explaining safety requirements.

Dräger Safety Division
Visit this site for information on Drager's OH&S equipment in areas such as respiratory, gas detection, air compression and breath alcohol detection.

Alsafe Safety
Alsafe have identified nine specific components which they claim offer a complete picture of the 'safety equipment puzzle'. Hit their site to find out what they are and also gain access to the Alsafe range of personal protective equipment.

Ansell Protective Products
Ansell's electronic information system, launched as part of the ASN Safety Network, aims to assist site visitors in making glove choices. It includes new product information, industry profiles, technical tips, product profiles, application advice and more.

Safety Equipment Australia (SEA)
As well as details about SEA products, this site offers an information centre featuring many articles and papers on OH&S topics.

Gas Tech Australia
Material on new developments in gas and flame detection products by this company.

Safemate Antislip Systems
As most OHS professionals would be aware, slips and trips constitute a significant percentage of all workplace accidents each year. Safemate Antislip's website offers solutions to potentially costly slip hazards together with product details and access to sales information and enquiries.

This site showcases a range of OH&S software products distributed by Winworx.

Power Shopper Safety Product Locator from US NSC's Safety + Health Magazine
Visit the recently-expanded web pages for Safety + Health Magazine, to discover the Power Shopper Safety Product Locator. The site provides up-to-date company listings with thousands of products from the US in an easy-to-search format.

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