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Veterinary Biochemistry
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Veterinary Links
Note: the majority of the Veterinary links were obtained from the Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory
web page.

 Agricultural Research Center - Finland
 Agricultural Research Council - South Africa
 American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians
 Aquatic Diagnostic Services - Atlantic Vet College - Univ. PEI Canada
 Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
 Auburn Endrocrine Diagnostic Service
 Australian Animal Health Laboratory (CSIRO)
 Breathitt Veterinary Center - Murray State Unversitiy
 British Columbia Animal Health Centre
 California Avian Laboratories
 California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System
 Clemson Veterinary Diagnostic Center - South Carolina
 Colorado State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
 Cornell University Diagnostic Laboratory
 Department of Veterinary Services - Malaysia
 Diagnostic services - Atlantic Veterinary College, Univ. PEI Canada
 DLAR Veterinary Medical Services - Medical University of S. Carolina
 Florida Bureau of Diagnostic Laboratories
 Greendale Veterinary Laboratories - United Kingdom
 Hawaii Veterinary Laboratory
 Illinois Laboratories of Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine
 Instituto Butantan
 Institute for Animal Health - United Kingdom
 Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine - Ukraine
 Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science - Australia
 Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
 Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale - Italy
 Johne's Service Center - Wisconsin
 Kansas State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
 Kentucky Reptile Zoo
 Kimron Veterinary Institute - Israel
 Leeds Veterinary Laboratories - United Kingdom
 Lincoln University Animal Sciences Commercial Services - NZ
 Louisiana State University Department of Agricultural Chemistry
 Mississippi Board of Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory
 Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory
 Missouri Department of Agriculture - Diagnostic Services
 National Institute of Animal Health - Japan
 National Veterinary Assay Laboratory - Japan
 National Veterinary Institute - Sweden
 National Veterinary Research Institute - Poland
 National Veterinary School of Nantes - France
 National Veterinary Services Laboratory - US
 New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
 North Carolina Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
 North Dakota State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
 North Western Laboratories - United Kingdom
 Ohio Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
 Ohio State University Dept. Vet Biosciences Clinical Lab Services
 Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
 Olsen Biochemistry Laboratories - SDSU
 Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute - South Africa
 Ontario Veterinary Center
 Oregon State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
 Palliser Veterinary Laboratories - Canada
 Panhandle (Nebraska) Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
 Pennsylvania Animal Diagnostic Laboratory System
 Public Health Service Lab - United Kingdom
 Purdue University Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
 Scottish Agricultural College Analytical Services - UK
 South Africa Veterinary Laboratory - Bloem
 South Central Australian Institute of Medicine and Veterinary Science
 South Dakota State University Animal Disease and Research Lab
 State Agriculture Laboratory Listings
 Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
 The Donkey Sanctuary Veterinary Services - United Kingdom
 Tufts Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
 U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization - Animal Health
 Univ. Calif. San Diego Biochmical Genetics Lab Vet. Diagnostic Service
 Univ. Missouri Reasearch Animal Diagnostic & Investigative Lab
 Universidad de Chile Escuela de Medicina Veterinaria
 Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
 University of Alaska Veterinary Services
 University of Berne Institute of Parasitology - Switzerland
 University of Bristol Comparative Pathology Laboratory - UK
 University of Connecticut Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Services
 University of Georgia Veterinary Services
 University of Guelph Laboratory Services - Canada
 University of Kentucky Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center
 University of Minnesota Department of Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine
 University of Missouri Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
 University of Montreal Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
 University of Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System
 University of Saskatchewan Prairie Diagnostic Services - Canada
 University of Wisconsin Veterinary Medicine RIA Laboratory
 University of Zurich Institute of Animal Science Diagnostic Laboratory
 Venom Supplies Pty. Ltd.
 Vetimagem - Brazil
 Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
 Vita-Tech Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory - Canada
 Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory

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