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Clinical Laboratory Management
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Health Care Clinical Chemistry
Leadership Principles Annual Conference
Clinical Laboratory Management Laboratory Professional
Laboratory Management Association Laboratory Management Review
laboratory medicine Clinical laboratories
common problem Medical Laboratory Professional
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Medical Laboratory Miscellaneous
 Recognition of Medical Laboratory Science Qualifications in Australia This site provides all the information required to have overseas qualification assessed by the apropriate scientific or government bodies. It also contains an overview of the disciplines in Medical laboratory Science for students and others. Clinical Leadership and  Management Review Home Page
Johns Hopkins Laboratory Management Consultation Services
     Technical: Optimize profits by assessing workflow and updating methodologies to reflect technical opportunities and clinical needs.
     Regulatory: Guide awareness of the changing regulatory requirements that impact upon a laboratory's compliance and ability to do business.
     Operations: Advise on management structure to optimize operations and reimbursement.
     Utilization: Improve laboratory utilization and document clinical and financial value of laboratory services.
     Laboratory Oversight: Provide ongoing supervisory oversight.
Best Pratices in Planning Automation Restructuring
The goal of this program is to provide practical tools for laboratory administrators planning to make major investments in automation/equipment. These investments may be to upgrade their current systems, completely redesign their operations, or to offer a new technology to the communities they serve.
ASAHP Member Institutions Listed by Program

ASAHP Member Institutions by Alphabetical Listing

AIM Systems in Routine Use
Artificial Intelligence Systems: A listing of systems in current use with active links to detailed descriptions.


Health care

Leadership principles


Clinical laboratory management

Clinical Laboratory Management Association

Laboratory Medicine

Common problems in Clinical Laboratory Management

CLMA option register


Clinical laboratory sciences

Laboratory Scientist


Laboratory Quality

Blood Bank

Medical Laboratory Professional


Clinical laboratories

Laboratory Management Review

Laboratory professional


Annual conference

Clinical chemistry


Medical Laboratory


Clinical laboratory

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