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Directory of Links to Pathology Organisations by Discipline
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Biochemistry- Biochemical Laboratories, Organisations, Associations

Haematology_ Links to Haematology laboratories, Image files, Associations

Coagulation  Links to Coagulation pages

Histopathology- Links to Histopathology Laboratories, Teaching Institutions, Image Libraries, Associations, Pathologists

 Cytopathology - Links to Cytopathology Laboratories, Teaching Institutions, Image Libraries, Associations, Pathologists

 Microbiology - Microbiology Sites, Laboratories, Associations, Teaching Institutions,

  Immunohaematology- Links to Blood Transfusion Services, Laboratories, Associations

 Serology- Links to Serology Sites. Will contain links to downloadable manuals, procedures and protocols in the future.

Forensic Medicine/Science. Links to Forensic Services World Wide

Clinical Laboratory Management - Links to Information Sources, Journals, and other management sites.

Quality Assurance -Links to Quality Assurance organisations both in Australia and International sites. This area will also contain links to downloadable manual formats suitable for NATA  ISO/IEC 17025, TGA, and ISO9000 series Quality Systems.

Accreditation Bodies Links to Accreditation organisations. UK, USA, Australia

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