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DIY-008 DIY Workshop Manager  -  Standard Version

Take Control - It's your business!

Workshop managing and scheduling for any busy workshop performing after sales service, repairs, refits or similar tasks. The application contains customer database, history, user customisable repairs, costs and labour times, job scheduling, job pickup scheduling, job list reports, automatic backup facility, overdue job flagging with email notification of client, automatic telephone fax and email linking to advise clients when job is ready.

Can be used in any service industry where standardised pricing is common and will also allow custom pricing and variations on jobs.

$689.00 (US)

DIY-009 DIY Bike Shop Manager - (BikeFix) Specialised for Bike Shops


Already contains most standard repair and service jobs - pricing customisable by client

$699.00 (US)

DIY-010 Customised Workshop manager The customised version is available at a premium. Client details including client logo and services details. Price by individual quotation only. Use information request form to obtain further details.

Key Benefits

  • Improved workshop productivity
  • Instant access to scheduling information for job booking
  • Rapid retrieval of job details for management, warranty and other queries
  • Client job history
  • Efficient client contact using automated fax, phone and email capacity
  • Available on CD

Personal Trainer

Diary, caloric calculator and reports for any of over twenty different exercises or sports.


Arafura Games 1999 - Triathlon start.

Personal Trainer

A highly useful tool for the fitness/weight conscious individual and the serious athlete. This program will analyse individual caloric consumption with any exercise, personalised for user weight, level and exercise intensity. 

Using exercise reports the user can review progress in individual sports/exercises or review a general report of overall progress.

Key Benefits

  • Monitoring of daily calorie burning for individual and total exercise
  • Review and print out daily or weekly reports
  • Selection of twenty common exercises/sports
$29.95 (US)

Recipe Calculator

A program to calculate caloric value, protein, fat and carbohydrate content of any recipe.


What is in that food?

The Recipe Calculator program allows the user to input the ingredients of a recipe including the amounts of each item and then provides a calculated report of the calorific value of the recipe along with the protein, fat and carbohydrate content.

This easy to use program contains a database of all common ingredients

Ideal for weight watchers, cooks, restaurant owners and nutritionists.

A great program for cookbook authors!

Key Benefits

  • Individual recipe analysis
  • Results of analysis can be printed out for future reference.
  • Calories, fat, carbohydrate and protein quantities in any recipe
  • Available on CD or emailed

$29.95 (US)

Diet Analysis Program

Daily, weekly or monthly recording of dietary intake with calculation of twenty nutrients and individual evaluation of the users personal dietary requirements. Follow link for details.


[Product Image]  
Calories anyone?

Diet Analysis Program: The DIY Diet Analysis Program   uses your personal details (weight, age, gender, activity level) to analyse your individual dietary requirements in terms of calories, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

An easily interpretable chart will tell you at a glance what is missing in your diet and what you are consuming too much of. the program uses a database of over 6,000 foods including fast foods and standard ethnic restaurant meals. The complete analysis of twenty essential nutrients is stored for each food providing the most complete analysis tool for any serious examination of the individual diet.

Base Metabolic Rate is also calculated and stored for each user.

Using the Diet Analysis Program the user can:

Key Benefits

  • Control the diet by daily, weekly or other regular review.
  • Understand the success or failure of various diet protocols
  • Identify those foods which cause weight gain
  • Find out what nutrients are missing from the diet
  • Obtain advice on ways to improve the diet
  • Use weekly reports in discussions with weight trainers or physicians

Other Uses

  • An essential tool for Dietitians, Nutritionists, Sports Advisors, personal trainers and physicians
  • Plan clients diet programs and follow progress
  • Available on CD
  • Note: this program contains a very large database of foods and their analysis. It requires a minimum of 50megabytes of hard drive space.

$39.95 (US)

Weight Management Package

Ideal package for people on weight loss programs or any health conscious individual. Program contains all the elements of the Personal Trainer, Recipe Calculator and Diet Analysis Program in one package


  + +=
Three programs in one integrated package..

If you integrate Recipe Analysis, Diet Analysis and Personal Trainer into one package then you have a complete Healthy LifeStyle  Weight Management Program to provide you with the basic data to manage your day to day health.

The benefits are obvious:-

Key Benefits

  • The ability to accurately analyse any recipe for protein, fat, carbohydrates and caloric value
  • The ability to analyse a complete diet for all essential nutrients and compare it to a personal dietary requirement calculation
  • The ability to tailor exercise and sport programs to caloric usage and intake.

$89.95 (US)

Markup Calculator

A simple calculator to provide markup tables for pricing products based on supplier discount plus predetermined margin.


Retail Pricing tables.

A tool for retail suppliers to create pricing tables from supplier listings. The user enters the supplier discount rate to obtain a cost price and a calculated table of markup percentages is displayed.

The output can be either a markup table for a single margin rate or a spreadsheet type table showing pricing based on the base markup rate plus pre-defined margins starting at the base rate and incrementing by 10% each step.

The single rate table also shows gross margin in dollars and gross margin % for each supplier cost

 The table may be printed for manual pricing of goods on store shelves.

Key Benefits

  • Simple printed report sheets with easily readable listings of prices
  • Easy operator interface
  • Handy gross margin review for pricing
  • Can also be used to calculate taxed rates (GST,VAT)
  • Available on CD

$10:00 (US)

DIY Easy Slim - Recipe Database Version 2.0


The recipe database has many features for ease of use.It contains numerous vegetarian and easy to prepare recipes.

  • Pre-loaded recipes
  • List View to allow quick selection
  • Sort by any field or word
  • Select from meal type listing by sorting on the general meal category
  • Add your own recipes to make a personalised recipe collection
  • Add or delete meal categories 
  • Provision for listing nutrients and calories per serve or meal
  • Search for any recipe by word or title including ingredients
Just $10.00!

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