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Company Web site Customer Service Email Products
Ascom Nira www.ascomnira.com.au Miles Hedge miles.hedge@ascomnira.com.au
Cardinal Healthcare www.jadecare.com Denis Sullivan dsullivan@jadecare.com Jadecare
Centaur Software Development www.centaursoftware.com Michael Sokol msokol@centaursoftware.com Practice Studio SQL
Cerner Corportation www.cerner.com Paul Wilma pwillma@cerner.com
HAS Solutions www.hass.com.au Robert Barley Robert@hass.com.au
HealthSolve P/L www.healthsolve.com.au Tony Collett collett.tony@healthsolve.com.au e-Care
IBA Technologies www.ibatech.com Bob Bennett bob.bennett@ibatech.com IBA Clinical & Ward Information
iSoft Australia P/L www.isoftplc.com Nigel Lutton info@isoftaus.com.au PiMS;iCM
Matash Australia www.matash.com.au David Knight davidk@matash.com.au
McKesson www.mckesson.com.au info@mckession.com.au
Orion Systems International www.orionhealth.com Michael Craig michael.craig@orionhealth.com Concerto, Soprano, Rhapsody
JADE Direct Australasia www.jadecare.com Matthew Russel mrussel@jadecare.com JADE Care
TouchStar Pacific www.touchpc.com Laura Cios partner@touchstar.com.au


Orion Systems International

Orion Systems International is a leading provider of information access and interfacing technologies for the health sector.

Orion's new generation products integrate and enhance existing healthcare systems, improving patient outcomes and organizational efficiency.

With "out-of-the-box", easy to use tools and applications, Orion delivers universal access to patient information.

The company has expanded rapidly with a doubling in staff numbers over the past two years, and has recently established new offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Baltimore, Melbourne (Australia) and London (UK).


McKesson Corporation operates three core businesses: supply solutions, health solutions and information solutions.

McKesson Asia-Pacific is a subsidiary of McKesson Corporation focusing specifically on Health Information Solutions.

In this region, McKesson Asia-Pacific offers a range of solutions designed to assist with the delivery quality and safety of health care services.

Hospital Automation provides automated pharmacy solutions, supply automation solutions for hospitals, and pharmacy management and consulting to hospitals.

Health Call Centre Business provides a wide range of services such as telephone triage, disease management and mental health services for public and private sector healthcare organisations.

Health Information Solutions serves the needs of the health enterprise, helping organisations provide quality care in the most cost-effective manner possible. Healthcare organisations use our comprehensive solutions to improve medication safety, decrease variability of care and improve the clinical use of information.


iSOFT's dedicated focus on healthcare markets ensures that we are best positioned to supply leading edge application systems, for both private and public sectors. iSOFT's products are tailored to the specific needs of the industry. Few companies in the health systems industry can match our focus, experience, expertise and successful track record in delivering advanced products and services to the healthcare market.

iSOFT's applications cover the full scope of a hospital's information systems requirements, including patient, clinical, laboratory, theatre and financial management. Our solutions are designed to support a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals from clinical and nursing staff, to business and financial managers; from medical records teams, to laboratory specialists.

iSOFT's product strategy guarantees that we are geared to rapidly deploying new technologies. Our close relationship with software partners, Microsoft and Oracle, ensures that iSOFT is able to be first to market with software innovations. iSOFT's integrated portfolio delivers direct benefits to our customers by reducing costs and improving efficiency of patient care services.

PiMS, iSOFT2002, APEX, iCM (iSOFT Clinical Manager) and iCC (iSOFT Clinical Centre) systems are cornerstone products of the company's portfolio, providing fully integrated, modern patient, clinical and laboratory information management facilities for all types of hospitals and healthcare providers.


By now, everyone’s heard of mobile computing. And everyone knows what they can do - increase productivity, reduce paperwork, improve accuracy, save money, save time.

So why isn’t everybody using them? Because there are so many questions. How do you know which system is right for you? How do you get it up and running? How do you help your employees adapt? How do you deal with problems? Fortunately, there is one simple answer: TouchStar. We do more than make the product; we make the product work.

We’ll hand you the right knowledge. TouchStar has been on the leading edge of mobile computing since the industry’s inception. We provide tailored solutions to customers worldwide, from North America to Europe, Australia to Africa. So we know the business. But more importantly, we work to know our customers. We started by carefully targeting the markets that can best benefit from our technology. We purposely keep this list short, so we can spend the time it takes to really understand your business.

IBA was established in Australia in 1982. Its aim is to improve health and the efficiency of health care institutions and systems through the use of information systems with employees in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia.

IBA's applications provide systems for the administration of hospitals, the management of clinical procedures, decision support, accounting and finance. There have been approximately 250 installations of IBA products in hospitals around the world and IBA's products are also sold to clinics, community health programs and national defence forces. IBA has one of the world's largest, longest running electronic health record systems, which is deployed in the Singapore Armed Forces. A similar system is installed in the Australian Defence Force.

HealthSolve is an Australian IT company focused on providing world class products to the Australasian healthcare market.

Our existing clients are primarily Hospitals including Community, Tertiary Care, Psychiatric, Rehabilitation and Extended Care in both the public and private sectors.

HealthSolve provides the full range of services from product delivery, implementation support, project management, and ongoing support with a 24 hour, 7 day a week helpdesk.

We employ a variety of staff including Programmers, System and Business Analysts, Technical Writers, Project Managers and Clinical Product Specialists. Our staff have a strong background in health and we employ a number of Clinicians.

HealthSolve is committed to excellence in everything we do.

HealthSolve and our sister company Protech, a National IT services company provides the HealthCare industry with a total solution to meet their needs.

HAS Solutions provide Windows based applications for Hospitals and Health Services. We are the leading supplier of standalone Emergency Department and Theatre solutions in the world, with an ever-growing presence in the United Kingdom and North America. With over 150 hospital departments using systems from HAS Solutions in areas that include Emergency, Operating Theatres, Admissions, Clinic Scheduling, Hospital Wards and Intensive Care, HAS Solutions keeps proving that it is positioned to provide proven solutions meeting the immediate and future needs of their client base.

All HAS Solutions applications are developed using a familiar Windows Graphical User Interface and operate in a client server environment. Data entry is assisted through the use of Touch Screens and portable devices.

Installations range in size from small departments to large multi-campus organisations.

Developments of the products are based on practical input from Clinicians and User Groups.

Research and adaptability are critical to our success and we constantly monitor the technology industry for new ways of making clinical data capture convenient.

In order to provide and maintain this high level of functionality, the use of state of the art programming tools and associated technology is paramount. The HAS Group have been nominated as a finalist in The Australian Technology Awards for the last three years for its use of technology in software development and user interface.

HAS Solutions is currently in the process of translating a number of its core applications to enable it to support clients from predominantly non-English speaking countries.


Centaur Software Development Co. are the developers of Dental 4 Windows SQL ™ - a world's first in bringing the benefits of Client/Server technology to dental professionals. The system is based on the principles of a robust and powerful central database and offers a unique and dynamic solution that can grow with the needs of your dental clinic into full practice integration. It was specifically designed to keep your practice at the leading edge of practice management technology and links effortlessly intelligent appointment scheduling, comprehensive practice management with complete clinical functions.


JADE Care is a suite of software purpose-built for the virtual enterprises of modern healthcare.

JADE Care is created in JADE, a software programming technology used to build enterprise-class, transaction-based business systems, particularly high volume e-commerce applications.

JADE Care has built a range of applications in partnership with its clients.

Ascom Nira is part of an international telecommunications group developing and manufacturing wireless solutions for messaging, voice and data communications. Ascom Nira's strength derives from its ability to develop innovative, customized solutions that provide our clients with increased mobility, better service and greater security at their workplace.


The Cerner Millennium platform of products is the only health care information system on the market today capable of both retrieving and disseminating patient-specific clinical and financial data across an entire health care system. 

Our solutions can be acquired individually or as a fully-integrated system. We also market over 200 product options that complement and customize Cerner's major information systems.

Product Categories
Cerner Millennium includes more than 30 product families dedicated to meeting the automation needs of virtually every segment of the care continuum.

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