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3M Health Information Systems www.3m.com.au Michael Fahey mtfahey1@mmm.com
Cerner Corporation www.cerner.com Paul Willma pwillma@cerner.com
HAS Solutions www.hass.com.au Robert Barley Robertb@hass.com.au
HealthSolve P/L www.healthsolve.com.au Tony Collett collett.tony@healthsolve.com.au
Health Technologies www.healthtech.com.au Bob Kalkman rjk@healthtech.com.au Vital
IBA Technologies www.ibatech.com Bob Benett bob.bennett@ibatech.com IBA Outpatients
iSoft Australia P/L www.isolftplc.com Nigel Lutton info@isoftaus.com.au PiMS
Orion systems International www.orionhealth.com Michael Craig michael.craig@orionhealth.com Concerto Soprano Rhapsody
JADE Direct Australasia www.jadecare.com Matthew Russel mrussel@jadecare.com JADE Care
TouchStar Pacific www.touchpc.com Laura Cios partner@touchstar.com.au
TrakHealth www.trakhealth.com Kerry Stratton support@trakhealth.com MedTrak, LabTrak


Orion Systems International

Orion Systems International is a leading provider of information access and interfacing technologies for the health sector.

Orion's new generation products integrate and enhance existing healthcare systems, improving patient outcomes and organizational efficiency.

With "out-of-the-box", easy to use tools and applications, Orion delivers universal access to patient information.

The company has expanded rapidly with a doubling in staff numbers over the past two years, and has recently established new offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Baltimore, Melbourne (Australia) and London (UK).


iSOFT's dedicated focus on healthcare markets ensures that we are best positioned to supply leading edge application systems, for both private and public sectors. iSOFT's products are tailored to the specific needs of the industry. Few companies in the health systems industry can match our focus, experience, expertise and successful track record in delivering advanced products and services to the healthcare market.

iSOFT's applications cover the full scope of a hospital's information systems requirements, including patient, clinical, laboratory, theatre and financial management. Our solutions are designed to support a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals from clinical and nursing staff, to business and financial managers; from medical records teams, to laboratory specialists.

iSOFT's product strategy guarantees that we are geared to rapidly deploying new technologies. Our close relationship with software partners, Microsoft and Oracle, ensures that iSOFT is able to be first to market with software innovations. iSOFT's integrated portfolio delivers direct benefits to our customers by reducing costs and improving efficiency of patient care services.

PiMS, iSOFT2002, APEX, iCM (iSOFT Clinical Manager) and iCC (iSOFT Clinical Centre) systems are cornerstone products of the company's portfolio, providing fully integrated, modern patient, clinical and laboratory information management facilities for all types of hospitals and healthcare providers.

TrakHealth MedTrak is a dramatic improvement over any healthcare information system you've ever seen. Built from the start as a patient-centric system rather than a series of add-ons to a financial system, MedTrak integrates all the workings of a medical complex—clinical, administrative, and finance. Through its easy-to-use Windows-based subsystems, MedTrak digitally captures and gives instant access to all the medical data associated with patients. Text, voice, still images, and video can all be stored on MedTrak, making the vision of the "digital hospital" a reality. MedTrak lets care providers input and access data about patients from virtually anywhere via the Internet.

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