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Laboratory Information Systems

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The following is a list of web sites for companies who offer IT solutions to the healthcare industry in Australia. Many of these companies provide useful information on their web sites about current technology practices in healthcare including case study examples. This list is not comprehensive but will be built upon and any suggestions are welcome.
Acer Computer Australia
Agen Biomedical
Allegiance Systems
Australian Medical Information Services
Bay Networks
Cardinal Healthcare
Century Analysis Incorporated
Cerner Corporation
CISCO Systems Australia
Clinical Reporting Systems Pty Ltd
Compaq Computer
Data General's Healthcare
Digital Equipment Corporation
Eclypsis Corporation
Gumnut Software
Health Communication Network Ltd
Health Administrations Systems Inc (HAS)
IBA Healthcare
IBM Healthcare
Information Dynamics
Leading Management Solutions
Medical Director
Medihelp Corporation
Mednetwork Systems
MIMS Data Systems
Novell Australia
Oracle Corporation
OzEmail Access One
Paramedical Software Corporation
Pen Computer Systems
PerSe Technologies
Picker International
Polymorphic Solutions
Praxa Ltd
Sanderson Health
Seattle Systems
SMS Consulting
Software Technologies Corporation
Spacelabs Medical
Sun Microsystems
Systems Services (Nth Qld) Ltd
Tower Technology
 Software Suppliers

Agri-Labs Information Systems (ALIS) is a comprehensive Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) software package specifically designed for agricultural, environmental, and industrial testing labs. ALIS is a user-friendly management tool for tracking, reporting and invoicing of test samples. This application is organized into five modules:1) soils and soil grids, for environmental and agricultural uses, 2) plant tissues, 3) waters, both drinking and wastewater, 4) feeds and forages, and 5) manures, compost and waste products. The cost effective modular design allows a lab owner/operator to purchase all the modules or just those needed. ALIS tracks samples through the testing process, records and stores results for easy retrieval, analysis and reporting of data.

TrakHealth MedTrak is a dramatic improvement over any healthcare information system you've ever seen. Built from the start as a patient-centric system rather than a series of add-ons to a financial system, MedTrak integrates all the workings of a medical complex—clinical, administrative, and finance. Through its easy-to-use Windows-based subsystems, MedTrak digitally captures and gives instant access to all the medical data associated with patients. Text, voice, still images, and video can all be stored on MedTrak, making the vision of the "digital hospital" a reality. MedTrak lets care providers input and access data about patients from virtually anywhere via the Internet.

ULTRA Laboratory Information System

ULTRA Laboratory Information System

ULTRA, Triple G's flagship Laboratory Information System has been uniquely designed to fit the needs of a single facility to integrated networks spanning multi-facilities. From test initiation and processing to management reporting and accounts receivable, ULTRA facilitates quick, efficient and precise laboratory management. All system modules are fully integrated and reside under a single database. Other features include improved table design, which lets the user set-up and modify tables with less effort, user-defined Expert/Rules based procedures and data input via system to system interfaces, instrument interfaces, voice, touch and bar code.

The ULTRA LIS provides complete functionality and flexibility in all areas of the clinical laboratory including Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, Microbiology, Pathology, Cytology, Quality Control, Client Services/Outreach, Send-out Area, Specimen Receiving Area, Phlebotomy and Billing/Accounts Receivable.

Misys Healthcare Systems

In healthcare, efficient information use has enabled scientific advancement to leap forward to a state considered unimaginable just a few years ago.

And the people at Medic, Sunquest, and Home Care Information Systems (HCIS) have led the way with the information technology systems that helped make such advances possible. Now, as Misys Healthcare Systems, these three industry leaders converge to provide the critical stability needed to sustain the most important systems. It is from that stable foundation that healthcare professionals will be free to explore, to discover, to care.

SYSWARE Healthcare SystemsThe companies end-to-end services portfolio covers these areas - Management Consulting, E-Lab solutions, Work Flow management and information solutions. Each of these areas has tremendous growth potential, and each contain a wide assortment of related offerings.

SYSWARE is highly innovative in using technology to solve business problems and help clients in such areas as improving customer service, enhancing the quality of their products and even getting to market ahead of the competition. SYSWARE is constantly looking for ways for it and its clients to be more competitive.

Shared Medical Systems CorporationSiemans Medical Systems
Siemens offers the most comprehensive suite of information solutions to the healthcare industry worldwide. Many of our systems are modular and can be combined into unique configurations to suit customer requirements. We also provide a complete portfolio of application, consulting, and technology services to help customers improve their quality of care, productivity, and financial performance. And, we are committed to providing integrated solutions that use a common presentation and conform to open systems standards for data exchange (e.g., Health Level Seven).

Labtronics Labtronics is a world leader in the development of innovative software solutions for laboratory instrument interfacing and laboratory automation. We help laboratories to manage their instrument data more efficiently. Our clients are able to improve the timeliness and accuracy of their instrument data reporting by eliminating manual data handling and improving the flow of data in the laboratory.

Cerner: The Cerner Millennium platform of products is the only health care information system on the market today capable of both retrieving and disseminating patient-specific clinical and financial data across an entire health care system. 

Our solutions can be acquired individually or as a fully-integrated system. We also market over 200 product options that complement and customize Cerner's major information systems.

Product Categories
Cerner Millennium includes more than 30 product families dedicated to meeting the automation needs of virtually every segment of the care continuum.  Cerner’s product categories include: 

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